Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maryville Newborn Photography - Meet Emma

If you've followed us for a while, you might remember Lindsey and Corey's beautiful wedding at Sampson's Hollow in Walland. Recently, they had an adorable baby girl and asked us to photograph her newborn session. Meet Emma everyone!

What a good looking family.

One with Mommy.

And one with Daddy.

"Um, why isn't anyone holding me?"

An early impressionist. This is her "Popeye".


If there's a giant bear in the room, I have to work it into the photos.

Such a sound little sleeper. I wish all of our newborn sessions were this easy. :)

Congratulations Lindsey and Corey! Little Emma is beautiful!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Maryville Newborn Photography - Jay

Back-to-back baby boys on the blog… Unbelievable! :)

Today we meet the adorable Jay, the little brother to one of our cute clients, Lucy, who we photographed two and half years ago.

Jay wasn't a fan of being in the buff, but we managed one cute basket shot.

Little Lucy snuck in for a quick portrait while Jay calmed down.

Daddy is a baseball player. We had to do one with a mitt.

"Peace, bro!"

What a sweet family!

A momma's boy. Do you see that grin?

Nice to meet you Jay!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maryville Newborn Photography - Meet Luke

One of Danielle's closest friends had a baby recently. She and Brandi met in Kindergarten just a "few years ago".
Because of that super long friendship, it was truly a blessing for us to get to photograph Brandi's new baby, Luke!

Matt and Brandi and their new addition.

What a handsome little guy.

He started to wake up and give me the "Why the $%#@ am I in a basket?" stinkeye.

But he liked the bear suit we found for him.

Squishy face!


I get it! We're done! Geez, no need to scream at me.

Congratulations Brandi and Matt! He's a good looking little fella.

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